Aidfile Recovery Registration Code Free Serial Key

Aidfile recovery software registration code or serial key for free. It’s a giveaway so you need to just download and install this programme and enjoy. Let us find its features below:

its a powerful and user-friendly data recovery software which can give its user back the deleted / formatted / repartitioned / missing drivers / corrupted partition and so on. It easily recovers files that are in NTFS, exfat, fat32types. The tool has an intuitive interface and it requires any technical background to use it.

Aidfile Recovery Registration Code Free Serial Key

Use: the process of recovering data is simple and anyone can easily accomplish it.

This tool gives its users four different recovery options such as undelete recovery, full scan, unformat recovery and partition recovery. Each of four options has different recovery results.

The uses of these four options are as below:
It is used to recover mistakenly deleted file quickly. The files which are deleted from recycle bin or by virus removal case also can also be recovered using this option.

It is used to recover lost data during formatting hard drive or other storage devices incautiously. This function is useful if the partitions are in NTFS, FAT32 or EXfat file system.

Recover partition: is used to recover lost partition or inaccessible partition resulted from user’s mistakes or any other causes. The function gives its user back all the lost data or file by quick scan.

Full scan: if the loss of data is in fatal condition and the above functions give unsatisfying results the ‘full scan’ function is used here. However this deep scan takes longer time than those of the other three functions.

This tool is supported in Windows OS- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003/2008/2012/vista.

How to get Aidfile Recovery Software Registration Code Free Serial Key ?

It’s a giveaway from this company so you can get it totally free before this offer will be closed,

Just download it from here and you may use any username and registration code and activate it.
You may also visit its product page here.
Lets enjoy, any problem please make a comment.


  1. nice software! thanks a lot !

  2. Thank you so much for making this software available.
    I could recover all of my files using this tool. I have been searching the internet and other possible sources for the past two days after I realize my Samsung portable drive (1TP) could no longer be detected by my computer, or other computers that I tried.
    Aidfile is easy, free, and uncomplicated to use. I use 'format' option and now all my files are recovered.
    I recommend this to everyone who are looking for a software to retrieve their file.

  3. it is okay, i luv it.



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