Download The Amazing Spiderman for Android Free

Download The amazing spider man for android phones, it is really an amazing game and one of the most played games played on Android devices. This game consists intense web-slinging and many other actions. This game is highly anticipated in the 2012 blockbuster!

The game is directed according to the real movie storyline. In the game you have to crawl, perform web-slinging, fight hard against enemies at fully 3d New York acquiring attractive game skills.

Download The Amazing Spiderman for Android Free

NOTE: the game needs 2 GB of memory to be installed.

Game Overview:

• Fighting with the lizard monster and its mines in order to put a stop to his plan.
• Playing game through 25 interesting and breathtaking levels.
• Climbing, jumping, and web slinging from building to building like never before.
• Experiencing five distinct locations (central park, business, downtown, pier and residential)
• Various fighting skills like melee, ranged, combo, attacks and so on.
• Upgradable styles, attacks and skills.
• Discovering different types of adventure missions.
• Playing in complete 3d New York City.
• Free New York City and become a star.
• Advanced sharers' and visual effects give the experience of a realistic Spiderman.

And many more...

Download form Google Play

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