Top Ten Android Games for Free in 2014

which are the Top Ten Android Games for Free in 2014? visit and know the best 10 and download them from hear easily. all games is so popular and we make this rating based on popularity and others. lets enjoy.

1.Fruit shoot :

The fruit shoot is selected as the best archery game ever! you need to use the bow and arrows to hit the fruits that is over the head of some little cute bears, brave soldiers and devils (dragons).

Fruit shoot android games Image

Take a challenge to prove yourself as well as robin hood! Just grab bow and arrows and start trying to hit the fruits on the buddies mentioned above.this is the most addictive adventure game!

(download link )

2. Tiny tower :

In tiny tower you have to build a tiny tower and manage the business and dewelers dwelling in it.

★ amass money to develop new kinds of floors and attract citizens to live and work therein.
★ you will earn special perks from special events and VIP if you build your tower at cloud.

Top Ten Android Games for Free in 2014

★customize the look and order of each floor and also upgrade elevator.
★find out what is your citizen thinking for by peeking at the bit book virtual social network for your tower.
★ amazingly share your towers foralll your friends to see on twitter!

Download Link:

3. Amazing spider man::: ::::::

The amazing spider man for Android phones is really an amazing game and one of the most played games played on Android devices. This game consists intense web-slinging and many other actions. This game is highly anticipated in the 2012 blockbuster!

Amazing spider man

The game is directed according to the real movie storyline. In the game you have to crawl, perform web-slinging, fight hard against enemies at fully 3d New York acquiring attractive game skills.
NOTE: the game needs 2 GB of memory to be installed.

 Download Link:

4. SHADOWGUN: Dead Zone .

Shadogundeadzone amazingly gives the mobile gamer the feel of PC games.
In the game you will experience intense tactical multiplayer combat with more then 12 online players.
There is two popular game modes -dream match and zone control .
There you use various maps and about 10 playable characters and other tools.


5. Zombie Evil ( )
Zombie evil is the best zombie shooting game on Android devices ever.

Use 14 types of classical firearms! Enjoy the pleasure of crushing and shooting at the heads of zombie.
Turn down the walking dead! Incinerate them!
The app has 6 various kinds guards, 5 types of skills, multiple upgrade options!
Go hurry and use them well before the zombie ate your brain!

In the game 21 types of unprecedented zombie are added.
You gotta pick your weapons and hit them hard!

zombie shooting game on Android

6. Aspahalt 7: For the racing gamers is still the most breathtaking game on androids .
With this game you drive about 60 types of brands and expensive cars from all over the world, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, including the legendary DeLorean.

You Just tune the speed of heat in the latest, fastest, most 3d graphic volume of the famed Asphalt series.

Aspahalt 7 heat

 Also Visit : Need for Speed Shift android Download here.

7. World at Arms: The USA is under attack by an evil opposition of highly trained forces named "the KRA".

You representing yourself as the leader of the free world have to survive and fight back. Arrange and develop your military camp, train your forces and strike against the KRA. You can ally with players from all over the world online to beat the enemy forever!
So what are you waiting for ?
Get World at arms" and feel the excitement.

World at Arms

8. Real Football 2013

The all new of the free soccer simulation is back to score with another surprise for the franchise with a whole different series of moves.
Participate in the most enjoyable free soccer simulation and prove your dominance and skills in soccer pitch.
Fortify your team of champions by improving your club’s aptitude, also hire new staff members, transacting with sponsors and much more.

Real football

9. Temple run 2 ( )

Temple run two is an adventure game that is one of the most wanted games by android game lovers. Through various platforms and versions this exciting adventurous game has already hit 170 million downloads and become one of the most successful game on smart devices.

This is now the most expected sequel by “imangi” studios. During first 13 days of launching it hit 50 million downloads. This game is much set to give the game an enthralling experience and for many more.

This free game is built on the strong base and its predecessor. But temple run 2 has been adding more new features to enchant its player enough.

Temple run 2

10.Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack joyride is an another amazing arcade game from the creator (Halfbrick Studios) of fruit ninja. this is one of the hottest android games in the world. The games received various awards from different ios game critics.
The game has a simple, one touch system to accelerate the Jetpack. Your object is to travel , collect coins, and escape zappers, missiles and laser beams.

Jetpack Joyride

Lets enjoy those Top Ten Android Games for Free in 2014 and 2013, also make a comment for your exprience.

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