Top Ten iPhone Apps 2014 – Best 10 for Free

We are getting ranking for top ten iPhone apps in 2014. Our Best 10 Ranking depend on user popularity, most download and others. so let us find out those below:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express:
Though digital photography editing best suited in desktop or laptop, recently adobe Initiating‘Adobe photoshop express’ has proved that this amazing photo editing can be done in the mobile also.
This is a free photo editing tool for the iPhone and other is devices. In this very app user even can handle the noise reduction. In a word adobe photoshop express is an amazing iPhone photo editing tool letting you edit your photo as you wish.

Top Ten iPhone Apps 2014 free 10

2. Airport utility:
Did you know that you could have control over your wifi network and airport base station stations like the airport express, airport extreme and time capsule right from your iPhone? Apple lets you do it by The free airport utility manager. Upon opening you will see a wizard presenting your network and devices that will let you know what is connected with what and how. Hereyou can manage and edit your network settings.

3. Brewster:
The Brewster iPhone is a very interesting contact messenger for iPhone and its visual presentation is one of the most appealing things found on iPhone apps. Itasks you to have access toyour contacts and either Twitter or Facebook to work through.

4. Chrome :
Those Who are desktop chrome users they shouldn’t miss this app. chrome for the iPhone is like a safari with better appearance and features. the ‘Omnibox’ , ‘combined URL’, or ‘address bar’ and ‘search bar’ are such some features that user may fall in love with it .

5. Dashlane:
This is an artistic and secured app that acts as a modern wallet assistance, password manager and many more. It automatically saves the information when you perform online transactions. So that you do not have to keep track of them via email confirmations. The app keeps the data it stores encrypted until you unlock it.if you enjoy much using it you can upgrade your features buying its paid version.

6. Converter plus:
Converter plus is all-in-one app that provide results of nearly everything including currency conversion, loan interest figures etc.. Iteasily converts metric to imperial measurement oftemperature, cooking volume, length and so on.

7. Draw Something:
You can enjoy playing the free version of draw something one of the most popular social drawing and guessing games in the app store with 7billion drawing mode. You just draw something and guess others drawing .Coins are earned if you guess your friend drawing correctly.
8. Drop box:
Drop box let you synchronize your files with your office computer , home PC, laptop. This is a must have program for iPhone users. Dropbox has a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across your all accounts.

9. Duolingo:
It’s a great app for learning second language. Though it was not an iPhone app before, it is so now
Because of much interest of its users. A recent update makes your next lessons available offline, so you can continue learning easily even when you are out of network connection. Therate of this app is now 4 out of 5.

10. Easily DO:
This free iPhone app works like a personal assistant and automation machine. You need to connect do easily to various online services like email, calendar, Facebook and so forth then the app looks for things it can help you to get it done easily. Thisis such an amazing app that lets you manage and take care of various tasks quickly and efficiently.

other apps are internet download manager, Angry Birds star wars, Facebook, google drive iSkysoft data recovery and more.
what are you thinking about top ten iPhone apps in 2014? make a comment about whats your likes for best 10.

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